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Probation is a correctional method, where convicted offenders are supervised in the community instead of under incarceration or after a period of imprisonment has been served. Judges and Provincial Courts use their discretion and view probation as a suspended judgment in certain cases and provide a second change for first offenders. In other cases, probation is also recommended at the end of a jail term, if the court feels as though the offender’s rehabilitation would be accelerated in the community, instead of under imprisonment.

As a sentencing option, probation is available to a judge when an offender has committed certain crimes. The judge may recommend the criminal offender make restitution to the victim or perform some type of community service as part of his or her punishment. The judge may also determine the offender be required to attend treatment for alcohol or drug problems or to accept counseling on mental health concerns or social skills.

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If you are on probation or community control, the probation officer may accuse you of violating your probation. If a violation of probation occurs, there may be a warrant for your arrest filed or you may be called back to appear in court for a probation violation hearing. Because violations of probation can carry heavy penalties in Alberta, a criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the probation violation and what your options are in the Provincial Courts.

Types of Probation Violation in Alberta

The criminal defense team at Slaferek Callihoo is prepared to plead your case if you, or someone you know, are being accused of a DUI probation violation, a juvenile probation violation, or any indictable or felony probation violation.

There are many reasons a probation officer can accuse a convicted offender of violating the terms of her or her probation: an offender broke a technical probation term or condition; or, the offender violated probation by committing a new crime. In some cases, a probation officer can accuse the offender of both.

A few examples of technical violations include: changing one’s residence without prior approval; failing to pay fines or restitution; or, failing to report for regularly scheduled counseling sessions or visits with a probation officer.

Our probation violation defense team at Slaferek Callihoo understand life gets in the way sometimes, and a simple parole violation does not mean you are not on your way to rehabilitation. If it is your first violation of probation, and you are accused of a technical violation, your probation officer may choose to warn you instead of filing an arrest warrant. However, Alberta probation officers do have the authority to file an arrest warrant if they feel you have been irresponsible in violating your parole.

If you feel as though your actions may lead to an affidavit for your arrest, contact a criminal defense lawyer at Slaferek Callihoo today so we can help you plan your next move. When a warrant is issued for you arrest, it may include a probation violation bond – an amount of money paid for your release. On summary or misdemeanor warrants, a bond amount is usually listed immediately; however, in indictable or felony warrants, you are arrested and booked, at which point you wait in jail until the judge decides whether to set a bond for your release or not.

A lawyer can be very valuable through this stressful time. In the case where a probation violation bond has been set, a lawyer can help arrange your surrender to the jail. When there is no bond, as in the case of an indictable or felony probation violation, your lawyer can help arrange your surrender to the court and ask the court to set a bond for your release. Once you have decided to surrender, a lawyer can also work to keep law enforcement from actively seeking you on the warrant.





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Whether you have violate the terms of your probation on a technicality or by committing a new crime, you need a criminal defense team who can help you plan your next move and help communicate with the court in your best interests. The probation violation lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo can help you keep the damages to a minimum – the difference between staying free or serving a significant jail time. Contact our criminal lawyers immediately.

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